Guided Trips

I have guide trips all year around... usually on the weekends, for a variety of types of the fresh water fish in Oregon. All you need is a valid Oregon Fishing License, a desire to catch fish, and willingness to have a good time!


The cost is variable, depending on time of year, location, distance,
and amount of time we spend both traveling and fishing

Understanding the 'water craft' - having the ability, through experience, to know where the fish are under the surface of the water, what they are eating, and how to catch them is vital to CATCHING fish. Anyone can dangle a pole with a worm, roe, or some other type of bait... but knowledge and experience will help you fill your limit, and maximize your fun. 

I have all the gear, 

including a guide model drift boat, and professional rods, reels, and gear. However, if you have a favorite pole or reel, feel free to bring it along. Don't worry about the bait, lures, or flies... as I keep track of what the fish are biting, and where they are most likely at, so you can catch your limit with me more often than not.

If you are in, or planning to be in, the Southern Oregon area... and are wanting to catch some fish, you can schedule a trip.

Availability depends on my schedule, the bookings I already have, the season, nature, and cycles. Contact me with when you think you'd like to go, and what your goals are, and we can plan from there. 

I usually know where the various types of fish will be, what they are eating at that time of the year, which tackle and bait work the best, if it's possible to catch them... as well as the technique to maximize your fun and success, so you can catch your limit with me more often than not.

In addition to all the incredible streams, rivers, and lakes in the state of Oregon... there are some favorite spots, and proven areas for different types of fish, and I know most of them.   

It all starts by contacting me... explaining your goals, and I'll let you know how I can help you achieve them.



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