Welcome to the TevynMercer.com website… this will be the hub site, containing a variety of information, images, and eventually product reviews and opportunities to both learn something and probably even save some very real money.

Fishing ~ is my life, my goal, and my passion! Generally, I promote ‘catch & release’ so they can live to fight another day, and produce more when possible; but there are exceptions.

In case it wasn’t clear: I LOVE FISHING… Over the last 20 years, I’ve fished all over the United States, including Alaska & Hawaii, even in China and South Africa. I’ve caught a variety of fish, from tiny to massive; from ‘just drop a line in’ and reel them in, to the incredibly difficult where technique absolutely matters.

The video below is funny, and often what I contend with when I express my general ‘catch and release’ policy. Obviously, if it’s going to die anyhow it won’t go to waste, it will either be eaten or bait. And if it’s a ‘record contender’ I try my best to keep it alive until officiated.

If you’re a long time fisherman, you’ll understand this video… and laugh.

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